“Dhaka Dhoti” Rappers Are Back With Another Fire “EK”

Looks like "Dhaka Dhoti" rappers are unstoppable!

After the massive success of “Dhaka Dhoti“, a rap song from Terai, Vyoma, and D1 are back with another astounding music video “Ek.”

Beat produced by Birendra Keshari, camera by Christ Warriors, edited by Rohit Thapa “Ek” is Performed by Vyoma and D1.

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The music video Ek has been uploaded to D1’s official YouTube channel.

This new music video is quite similar to their previous project “Dhaka Dhoti”. EK is a rage of normal people against the corrupt government and impotent system. Ek raises voice against all the wrong doings of the government and bad deeds happening in the country and urges everyone to raise voice against this iniquity.

Watch the video.


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