This 82 years old granny who lifts weight & squats in saree is the new social media sensation

Here's a small workout motivation for you.

An 82 year old woman from Chennai, India has gone viral after her video of lifting weights and performing squats was made public over Instagram.

While most of us are contained inside home doing nothing productive and gaining weight, an 82 year old granny from India has proved age is just a number. After her grandson posted her videos she was viral in no time.

As per her grandson Chirag, she has always been an energetic women. She used to swim, do exercises and perform tough works. However, in her old age, she suffered from serious ankle injury which left her trapped inside her bed. She could barely bend and perform her daily activities. So, this affliction made her to lift weights and perform squats in her old age.

Chirag who is also a gym trainer in an Instagram posts clarifies that his granny is doing this exercise in order to gain the strength and be independent. He further says the workout session is designed considering her old age.

This viral video of old granny is currently viral over social media. Netizens say she’s inspiring everyone to workout.


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