Seed is the most important unit in agriculture. The production and the productivity in agriculture is greatly
affected by the quality of seed grown in the farmers field within the country. The phenological stages of
the plants totally depends upon the seed choose and sown in the planting time which in turn
influences on yield and yield attributing characters. This creates a clear image that seed quality is a
safest route to increase agricultural production and ensures sufficiency of food for the whole nation.
According to the United Nations, food security means that all people have physical, social, and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food that fulfills their food preferences and dietary needs for a healthy and active life.

The quality seed possesses the following characters:

✓ High genetic purity
✓ High pure seed percentage
✓ High germeability
✓ High vigor
✓ Higher feed establishment
✓ Free from pest and diseases
✓ Good shape, size, color etc according to the specification of variety
✓ High longevity / shelf life.
✓ Optimum moisture content for storage
✓ High market value

Quality seeds establish good crop stand because of its genetic and physiological attributes. So, with
institutional and technological upliftment in seed sectors, quality seeds can be used as a tool for
food security with addition to food self sufficiency too. Seed production must follow a proper seed cycle, a seed system with complete knowledge and technological training on post-harvest operations up to marketing, and the use of maximum seed policies, seed schemes national and international both must be done in order to be self-reliable, sustainable, and standard in line with sustaining food security and increasing production.

Importance of seed quality:

• Genetic and physical purity is maintained by quality seeds.
• Gives desired plant population.
• Capacity to withstand adverse conditions.
• Seedlings produced will be more vigorous, fast growing and can resist pest and diseases
incidence to certain extent.
• Ensures uniform growth and maturity.
• Development of root system will be more efficient that aids for absorption of nutrients
efficiently and results in higher yield.
• Ensures well response to added fertilizers and other inputs.
• Quality seeds enhances the yield by 10-20 % than normal productions.

In a nutshell, the concerned authorities and the GOV of Nepal should prioritize on quality seeds
productions in order to ensure food securing in Nepal.


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