A step by step tutorial to start a WordPress blog in 2022 and earn money right away

A step-by-step beginner friendly complete guide to start a WordPress blog in 2020.

Do you desire to begin a WordPress blog the right way and start earning money? We know that beginning a blog can be a rough journey particularly when you are not techy. But don’t worry. I’m here to teach A-Z on how to start a WordPress blog the right way even if you don’t have the technical knowledge.

First of all, let me give you a definition of a blog. “Blog is a writeup, photo collections, stories, or anything digital you put it in your website for your readers to read.”

So, Hustlers let’s create your first blog and start earning money right away.

In this tutorial, we will be discussing to create a blog using WordPress instead of using free platforms like Google’s Blogger because, in a long run, free platforms doesn’t provide you dedicated tools and resources. You don’t have full control over your site.

So, instead of regretting later, I suggest you go over WordPress.

Steps to start a blog in 2022.

  1. Find your Niche/Mirco Niche
  2. Buy a domain name.
  3. Get a web hosting account
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Select a Theme and Design your blog
  6. Start writing content
  7. Set up Adsense and start earning money

Find your Niche

Finding your niche is important. You are a blogger, not a news company to write on everything. Find a perfect niche you think you can write on.

While choosing the topic be sure that you will enjoy writing on the very topic.

It can be technology, food, health, gadgets, etc.

Things to keep in mind while choosing your topic/niche.

  1. The chosen topic/niche/micro-niche has a good search volume on search engines.
  2. You can write easily on the very topic.
  3. Explore competitors.
  4. Check keyword difficulty.
  5. The keyword/niche/topic is searched on premium countries like USA, Canada, etc. Because Asian traffic doesn’t give you good earning through Adsense.

This method will help you gain a clear idea of the search volume, competition, and monetization potential for your intended niche.

If you want to analyze your keyword, search volume, keyword difficulty you can use keyword analyzer tools like SEM Rush and Google Keyword Planner.

An example of keyword research done through SEM Rush.
An example of keyword research done through SEM Rush.

Buy a Domain Name

Watch the below video to get idea about Blogging niches, Keyword research, SEO and more.

The second step to start a blog and earn money online is to buy a domain.

A domain name is a link that your users will click and search to get to your website. Example netflix.com, bbc.com, medium.com, etc. It’s your blog’s individual address on the Internet. No one will be able to buy your domain name unless you stop paying for it.

You should have to pay somewhere between 9–15$ for a .com domain.

Taking a domain name is an important step. Because the domain name will be your brand and identity.

I have an idea to get a free domain, which I will mention in the later part of the tutorial.

Things to keep in mind while buying a domain name.

  1. Buy .com domain, don’t go for .info, .xyz TLD unless necessary.
  2. Buy through reputed domain providers like name cheap, GoDaddy.
  3. Make it short. A domain name should be small, easy to type and remember.

After buying a domain you have to update the custom name server to the following. (The below name servers are only applicable if you buy hosting from Hostinger.)


Or the name server can be different as per your hosting company.

Get a web hosting account

Web hosting is like a hard disk on your computer. It is a remote hard disk where you will be keeping all your website files like photos, texts, videos, website data, etc.

A good web hosting needs to be cheap, 24/7 available to you for communication, provide good speed, and must have easy to use panel.

I use Hostinger’s hosting for my micro niche blogs. You can buy Hostinger’s hosting from here.

You will also get a free domain if you buy hosting from the above link.

Install WordPress

After buying hosting the next step is to install WordPress on your domain

First of all, you have to add the domain you have already bought to Hostinger’s panel by clicking the “Add Website” button from the options.

Hostinger's Hpanel

After that add your domain and set up your password for the website.

Hostinger's Hpanel

After clicking “Add” you successfully add website to Hostinger’s hosting.

But there remains the next step to install WordPress to the website. For that, you have to click “Auto Installer” from the HPanel. After that click “WordPress” and fill up the required details.

Hostinger's Hpanel

After clicking “Install” you successfully install WordPress on your site. After that, you can log in to your website by placing /wp-login at the end of your site. For example, netflix.com/wp-login

After that, a WordPress login portal will be opened where you fill in the login credentials and then you will be redirected to your WordPress’s dashboard.

Select a Theme and Design your blog

Now after finishing up the above steps, we now start to design your website. Ah chill! Its not that difficult.

There are plenty of free and paid themes available in the market that are best suited for blogging. Apart from blogging you can get plenty of other free WordPress themes for schools, education, health, hoteling software, apps and much more in the WordPress repository.

However, I suggest you to pick “Generate Press” theme. There is both free and pro version available for the theme. The main reason I picked up this theme is because it has got very easy options to set, its very fast and light weight. Setting up and customizing this theme is very easy. Incase you find any difficulty there are tons of tutorials available for this theme on the internet.

If you want to buy Generate Press theme you can buy it here.

Start writing content

Boom now all the major technical part has come to an end. Now your writing job starts. You have to write plenty of contents that are related to your niche.

Lemme give you some tips while writing a post. You don’t need any thing fancy. Just write it from your heart. Write the truth, be frank with your audience. Be explanatory. You have to explain every topic like you’d want yourself to be explained by others. Its that simple.

Search Engine Optimization

After writing content it should appear in search engines like google. For that you have to optimize many things. But I suggest you to install a WordPress plugin called Rank Math. It makes your SEO easy and fast.

You can find all the tutorials and how to setup guide here.

Watch the below Video to learn about complete WprdPress’s SEO.

Setup Adsense and start earning money

Now after all the hard work its time for the fruit.

Google Adsense let’s you earn some bucks by placing advertisment to your site. But first you should be approved by Google for it.

So how to get approved?

It’s not that hard to get approved in Google Adsense.

You can apply for Google Adsense from here.

But before applying I want to tell you some tips that are necessary to get approved.

  • Be sure you have about us, contact us, privacy policy pages.
  • Be sure your website has at least 15 posts.
  • Be sure your contents are original.

Now, I leave everything in your hands. Happy blogging.


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