Meet ‘Major’ & ‘Champ’ : Two Pet Dogs Who Will March Inside The Whitehouse

The White House will see pets after 4 years.

There is a long trend of keeping pet dogs by the president of the United States. However, the trend was broken by Donald J. Trump. He didn’t keep any dogs or cats.

As the USA is getting its new president Joe Biden, the white house will be getting its pets back. Joe Biden will usher his two german shepherds, Major and Champ. Biden family bought Champ in 2008 whereas Major was adopted in 2018.

Dr. Jill Biden with pet dogs Major and Champ.
Dr. Jill Biden with Major and Champ.

Some news sources even claim that Major is the first adopted pet to go inside the White House. However, the HuffPost on a fact check says he is not the first adopted dog to enter the white house. The 36th president of the USA Lyndon B Johnson, rescued and adopted a dog, Yuki found by his daughter at a gas station.

This is the first time Major will be living in the White House, however, Champ already lived there during Biden’s vice presidential tenure with President Barak Obama.

Meet the dogs which are heating up the social media right now.


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