5 Fan Theories of Money Heist Season 5

Will fate support the Professor's gang this time?

With just few days remaining for the new season of the highly hyped and anticipated series La Casa De Papel aka Money Heist, many fan theories are trending on Facebook, Reddit and other social medias.

Among many of the fan theories, we are going to present some of the best one in today’s post.

Fan Theory 1. Tatiana is Alicia Sierra

Tatiana and Alicia Sierra - Money Hesit
Tatiana and Alicia Sierra – Money Hesit

You might have noticed that Berlin’s wife Tatiana and police incharge of the heist Alicia Sierra look alike in their facial structure. Even their hairstyle looks matching.

Professor has always turned down Tatiana from joining the heist. Professor was never satisfied from the fact that Berlin told the plan to Tatiana.

So some fans assume that Tatiana some how joined the police force to ruin the heist to satisfy her ego.

However, from the fact that the characters played by Tatiana and Alicia both are different person and Berlin died many years ago at the Royal mint but Alicia Sierra is pregnant in the second part doesn’t support this fan theory.

Fan Theory 2. Alicia Sierra will join the Professor

Alicia is a pregnant widow who is helpless with so many legal cases on her head and has literally nowhere to go. But somehow she ended up finding out Professor’s hideout. Now, as a fact she’s helpless she might join with professor’s team to take revenge with the police force. The last season of the Money Heist also ended on Alicia singing “Bella Ciao” in the end credits which supports this theory.

Fan Theory 3. Lisbon will be killed by the Police

Lisbon Money Heist
Lisbon – Money Heist

If we look at the Professor’s relationship graph, he has always been alone after getting his loved one killed. First his father died robbing the bank, then his beloved brother Berlin and then Nairobi whom he had promised to give a child.

So, looking at this, Money Heist’s writer and director may come up with such scene where Lisbon will be killed by the police.

Fan Theory 4. The Gang will escape with Plan ‘Chernobyl’

The main motive of the second heist was to free Rio and to avenge the death of Professor’s beloved brother Berlin by becoming the registance against the state.

The gang has already rescued Rio. Inside the bank of spain there’s sadness running in the air after Nairobi’s death and series of failure in Professor’s plan. So, the gang might ultimately escape from the bank’s front door wearing dali masks by firing small gold nuggets in the air creating chaos as part of the plan ‘Chernobyl.’

Fan theory 5. Tokyo will only be the sole survivor

Tokyo Money Heist
Tokyo – Money Heist

Many fans believe that all the members of the gang will be executed and Tokyo will only survive the disaster. If we closely listen to the narration done by Tokyo in the last season she has been doing it in the past tense which suggests that all the gang members will be executed except for Tokyo. She might be doing the narration from the prison cell or might be making time infront of the judges as part of the plan ‘Paris’.

But we have hope in the Professor!

The Season 5 Volume 1 trailer  has a dialogue “With me you’ll find ultimate liberation” listening to that we don’t think the professor will fail.


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