‘Dhaka Dhoti’ Shows How HipHop Is Done In Madhesh

Dhaka Dhoti, a hip-hop song from Madesh is a new track you could listen in a loop.

Dhaka Dhoti
Still from Dhaka Dhoti

Written and performed by Suraj Chhetri aka Vyoma and D1, mixed by Manu Khadka, Dhaka Dhoti’s audio was released in May 2020. Now, the team has come up with an awesome music video shot and edited by Rohit Thapa which was dropped on 22 July 2020 on Vyoma’s YouTube channel.

Dhaka Dhoti is set in some village of Rupandehi, terai that features two rappers Vyoma and D1 in the lead and we can see a bunch of supporting actors who are dressed in such a way that they represent Tharu, Bhojpuri, Brahmin, Magar and other Madhesi community from Terai.

The rap song is a kind of patriotic anthem which talks about the cultural beauty of Madhesh and warns people not to discriminate between Madhesi, Himali, and Pahadi.

Watch the Madheshi HipHop Anthem


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