Sabin Karki’s “Kathmandu Bazar” is a new song you’ll get hooked to

Be aware you'll get hooked!

Sabin Karki aka Beest is back with a powerful musical dance video “Kathmandu Bazar” which he’s uploaded to his official YouTube channel, Beest Productions.

Kathmandu Bazaar shows the romantic village-town long distanced relationship between two couples, Sabin Karki and Bipana Thapa. The 5 minutes and 48 seconds long video takes you to the amazing daydream of Sabin Karki while he’s travelling on a bus to meet his long distanced girlfriend.

Cinematographed by Jitu Tamang, supervised by Sanjay Karki the video is edited, directed and choreographed by Sabin Karki himself. In the audio part; the song is composed by Sushant Gautam, lyrics is given by Sabin Ektaare and sung by Uday Raj Paudel.

Watch the video!


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