Actor/Producer Deepak Raj Giri To Invest 5 Crores In Organic Village

Chaka Panja Series actor/producer Deepak Raj Giri wants to give something to his birthplace decides to invest 5 crores in it.

Actor/Producer Deepak Raj Giri is interested in establishing his birthplace Daha Chowk of Chandragiri municipality a model organic village.

As per the sources he is working to construct a farm house in Dahachowk with a capital of NRS 5 crores. Giri wants to amplify this farm house to a model organic village later on.

Deepak Raj Giri has roughly estimated that a budget of Rs 5 crores will be required for the farm house. In this farm house, 30 houses will be built in traditional style. Deepak said that 7-8 people would be able to live in one house at a time. Giri believes, this farm house will aid to local employment, agriculture and tourism of Nepal.

“Its not like I always work on movies. I am going to move this plan forward with the objective of spending the money I have earned in my own village.” Says Deepak Raj Giri in an interview taken by Online Khabar.


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