Netflix’s What Will People Say: A film worth watching

What will people say is depressing yet relatable about the conflict between immigrant parents and their foreign-born children.

Netflix’s Norwegian-Urdu What Will People Say is a determined upsetting film directed by Iram Haq.

The film is all about a sixteen year old teenager girl who lives a double life in a small Norwegian city, unknown to her conservative Pakistani origin parents; gets caught with her Norwegian boyfriend and is forced to go to Pakistan at a relative house. This film also shows the clash that Nisha has to face when she is brought up in two distinctive cultures, (Norwegian & Pakistani).


The film is depressing and shows the conflict between immigrant parents and their foreign-born children.


Nisha is a nice traditional Pakistani Muslim girl who lives a double life in Norway. She’s a traditional sanskari girl at home while she lives a relatively modernized life outside her home. She hits weed, parties and has a red hair boyfriend, Daniel.

One night, Nisha is caught while she was indulging in kissing with her boyfriend Daniel. Nisha’s father Mirza presumes that they had already had sex when he storms into the room, punches the crap out of Daniel, and throws accusations at Nisha. When Nisha denies the condition, fearing the reputation of the family, his father kidnaps her and takes her to his sister’s place in Pakistan.

After her father leaves Pakistan, Nisha tries to run and even manages to sneak into a cyber cafe to message her friend that she has been kidnapped by her parents. However soon, she starts feeling good and enjoy her life in Pakistan. She even learns cooking and other household chores. She even manages to find love in her aunt’s son Amir. 

Things look good for Nisha until she is caught making out with Amir by the Pakistani police who record and blackmail Amir’s parents. Nisha father is then forced to take her back to Norway. The rest of the story follows her struggle in Norway.

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Maria Mozhdah,Adil Hussain Rohit Saraf, Ali Arfan, Jannat Zubair Rahmani


Overall, ‘What will People Say’ is a must watch film. And therefore I am rate it at 4.5/5.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


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