NRB in a mood to bring prepaid dollar card facility within a month

NRB plans to bring international payment facility within this month.

Nepal Rastra Bank says that there would be accessibility for Nepali to buy goods online on dollars after a month, and final touchup is being made regarding this. Director of the department of foreign exchange, Guru prasad Paudel claims, worth up to $500 can be enjoyed to surf OTT platforms, buy online goods, buy hosting and domains and so on.

On that note, prepaid dollar card’s role will rise for any purchase, which will make on the foreign website by anyone. And, it will be provided by different commercial banks. A person with an account will get one prepaid dollar card.

However, on the present trice Nepalis aren’t allowed to make an international purchase or use any kind of international dollar cards. But this is soon going to end as per NRB. As per NRB homework are going on to make international transaction available to every Nepalis.

“We are trying to make it possible for Nepalis with Nepali currency accounts to spend up to USD 500 at most,” said Narayan Pokharel, co-spokesperson of Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB). This new initiative doesn’t merely legalize the online purchase on dollars but makes the payments convenient, far way to better for those who are willing to do so.

NRB is in the mood to facilitate international payments in the wake of the recent rise in the number of outsourcing jobs in the international job market. Similarly, NRB believes that payment for activities such as social media advertising can also be facilitated after this project and the flow of money going outside can be monitored and regulated. Pokhrel further adds, “It was difficult for the students to buy books online published by foreign book publishers, so this was one reason behind this management.”


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