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Copy the link of the post from Instagram and paste it below to download the photo or video.

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What is Instagram Photo Downloader?

Instagram by Facebook, itself doesn’t provide dedicated photo/video download options available on Instagram. One can upload photos, videos and stories on Instagram but there is no any download button available to download photos and videos. So, this is a free tool provided by Nep Stuff that helps you easily download Instagram photos and videos to your devices.

How to use Instagram Photo Downloader?

It’s super easy to use the Instagram Photo Downloader tool. All you have to do is copy a link from the Instagram post which you want to download and then paste it above and click download. If there is more than one photo/video uploaded on Instagram on a single post then after pasting the link on our tool and clicking ‘Start’ our tool will show more than one photos/videos and you can choose which photo/video to download from.

  • Press on the three dotted button on the top right of the instagram posts and then click Copy Link.
instagram photo downloader
  • After the link is copied, paste the link on our above tool and click download. You will then see different sizes and qualities of photos/videos. Choose the appropriate one and click download.
instagram photo downloader
instagram photo downloader

Do you store our photos?

No. We do not store any of the photos you download through our tool. The photo is directly downloaded to your device through Instagram’s CDN. So, you can feel totally safe while using our Instagram photo and video downloader tool.

Is Instagram Photo Downloader tool free?

Yes, we do not charge you a penny for downloading Instagram photos and videos through our tool.

As you guys all know Instagram by default doesn’t let you download its photos and videos, unlike Facebook and Whatsapp. This has brought many problems to users like you and me. There are many celebrities and other brands on Instagram. They constantly post photos and videos and as a fan, we want to download their photos but Instagram doesn’t let us do so. So, Nep Stuff has brought you guys a tool that lets you download Instagram photos and videos on the go. You just have to copy the link from the Instagram post whose photo/video you want to download and then paste it into our tool. And all the magic is done by our Instagram photo downloader tool. You may think that by doing so we may save your personal photos and details but you don’t have to worry because we don’t keep any of your photos/videos and other details on our server. Our tool directly downloads photo/video from Instagram’s CDN without saving them to our server. That’s all enjoy our tool.