Red Bull’s Documentary: Mira Rai Who Breathes Happiness

Meet the world-class trail runner Nepali cheli, Mira Rai.

Mira Rai, trail runner and sky runner from Nepal, is a winner of the 2017 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year.

Born in the remote village of Bhojpur, Eastern Nepal, 27 years old Meera Rai was a former CPN-Maoist army. She became incapacitated due to her underage from the army after the peace agreement and came to Kathmandu planning to go abroad.

Mira Rai in Maoist war

Mira had a friend in Kathmandu, Anupama Magar, who also engaged in the Maoist war. Anupama encouraged Mira to come to Kathmandu and play Karate. Her friend Anupama was the one who won the gold medal in 13th SAG for Karate.

After getting in touch with karate coach Dhruv Bikram Malla, she canceled her Malaysian visa and pledged to enter the sports field. Then she started ultra running from the trail of the Shivapuri forest around Kathmandu. Mira took part in ultra-marathons held in different parts of Nepal and started winning titles.

She has achieved success in the marathon by participating in ultra races in Hong Kong, Spain, Italy, Australia, and many other countries. She is the 50km Asian Champion in Hong Kong, the 57km in Italy in 2014, and the 80km Ultra Marathon in Norway.

She came into the spotlight after winning the Mount Blanc Ultra Marathon in France. Mira won the title by completing the 80 km marathon in 12 hours and 32 minutes.

mira rai
Photo. Salomon

Mira is still running. She is also committed to a marathon campaign for girls with similar backgrounds.

Recently, Mira Rai was featured in Red Bull’s documentary. Have a watch.


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