Review: “I care A Lot” by J.Blakeson, Stars Rosamund Pike With Wicked Performance

The best thing about 'I care a lot' is it doesn't have a hero or villain. It's evil vs evil.

A shady legal guardian lands in hot water when she tries to bilk a woman who has ties to a powerful gangster. [NETFLIX]

The best thing about ‘I care a lot’ is it doesn’t have a hero or villain. It’s evil vs evil, the time you figure out who’s the side you are on, J Blakeson surprises you. There is not much if a story but the writer-director, J Blakeson exceeds at delivering the best at what he’s got. The music brings an amount of adrenaline rush, it is superb. The film is very straight forward and stays to it’ premise, which is one of the great factors of the film.

Rosamund Pike as the unapologetic focused and stubborn legal guardian is extra-ordinary. She is classic, fierce and has the ability to either make you love her or hate her. Peter Dinklage is phenomenal as always and does what is required. Dianne Wiest and Eiza Gonzalezshine brightly, they leave a mark.

Overall,’ I care a lot’ is a job well done with amazing writing and performances.

Director: J Blakeson
Starring: Rosamund Pike, Peter Dinklage, Eiza González, Chris Messina, Dianne Wiest
Streaming on Netflix USA and Amazon Prime


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