Deepak Raj Giri Apologizes And Urges Everyone To Stop Spread The Hatred

Deepak Raj Giri releases a new video where he tries to settle down things on ongoing "Mahanayak" controversy.

Actor cum Producer Deepak Raj Giri has spoken second time on the “Mahanayak” issue. He has uploaded a 20 minutes long video on his official Facebook handle where he apologizes with everyone and especially with the fans of actor Rajesh Hamal and urges everyone to stop spread abomination.

The Mahanayak issue started when Deepa Shree Niraula on an interview said that she doesn’t take Rajesh Hamal as a Mahanayak. After this statement of actress/director Niraula whole social media went against her.

Deepa Shree Niraula immediately apologized for her very statement. But even after her apology she had to face backlashes on social medias.

Deepak Raj Giri in the video apologises on the behalf of his team. He also adds that this whole chaos has been created by a team who are against Chakka Panja brand. He urges government to make strong rules on cyber bullying as he thinks this whole chaos on social media is being manipulated by a team who mobilize fake accounts to destroy who do right things.

Giri also confronts that some senior actors from the industry have been working to lit the issue even controversial instead of helping the team to calm down and seek solutions.

Watch the complete video


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