YouTube Rewind 2018 Is Vigorously Getting Dislikes This Is The Reason

YouTube Rewind 2018 Is Vigorously Getting Dislikes This Is The Reason

At the last of every year YouTube brings a video called YouTube Rewind. In this video YouTube features all it’s top creators and top trending stuffs of that particular year. Its just like an big achievement for the creators who get featured in this video.

Recently YouTube has released it’s YouTube Rewind Video for 2018. And it has got a high number of negative feedback and responses from the audiences. Audience say that YouTube has been decreasing it’s Rewind quality every year.

This YouTube Rewind Video of 2018 has got 8.1M dislikes till this post is made. This Rewind has become the second most disliked video on YouTube  after Just Bieber’s “Baby“. It’s  almost sure that it will be top on the list of Most Disliked Video.

YouTube Rewind 2018 Is Vigorously Getting Dislikes This Is The Reason

Audiences disliked this video due to various reasons, such as they gave more emphasis for Hollywood actors like Will Smith who has nothing to do with this video and kept that FortNite issue on top. The most trending stuffs of the year 2018 have been totally ignored and the trends that people less cared and were aware of are featured in this video. The next big reason is exclusion of PewDiePie from this video. PewDiePie is the most subscribed content creator on Youtube whom audience love heartily. But YouTube ignored it’s top creator from this video which made PewDiePie’s fan sad. Also other big and popular creators whom people know and matter are not included in this video.

Watch YouTube Rewind 2018 From Below!


List of Most Disliked Videos On YouTube.

  1. Baby 9.81M Dislikes
  2. YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind 8.17M Dislikes
  3. It’s Everyday Bro 4.05M Dislikes
  4. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer 3.78M Dislikes
  5. Can this video get 1 million dislikes? 3.74M Dislikes
  6. Despacito 3.69M Dislikes
  7. Friday 3.38M Dislikes
  8. How It Is (Wap Bap …) 2.91M Dislikes
  9. Cortando o Botão do YouTube 2.52 Dislikes
  10. Masha and the Bear: Recipe for Disaster 2.26M Dislikes


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