You Missed These Details In Netflix’s Dark

Few details that you might have missed from Netflix original Dark.

Editorial Disclaimer

The following article contains spoilers of DARK. Stop right here if you haven’t watched it yet.

Netflix’s original german series DARK is currently in the trending after COVID-19. Audience are saying it is one of the best series they have ever watched. From audience to critics, dark is wining everyone’s heart.

Viewers need to have intense concentration to understand Dark. You should be switching to Almonds from pop corns and drinks while watching Dark. Just Kidding! It’s not that complex.

While watching Dark you may have ignored or missed some important details. We will be jumping quickly onto those details to make your jaw wide open.

Details you may have missed watching Netflix’ Dark

1. In season 2, stranger Jonas was surprised by seeing the gun in Hannah’s hand. Because it was the same gun Adam used to kill martha. This very gun was first used by Alexander Tiedemann.

Jonas catching gun.
Older Jonas/ Dark Netflix

2. Adam’s time travelling group was Sic Mundus Creatus Est (Thus the world was created). On the other hand Eva had her own time travelling group called ‘Erit Lux’ (Let there be light).

Eva's Travelling gang logo, Erit Lux
Eva’s Travelling gang logo, Erit Lux/ Dark Netflix

3. Radiation exposure during pregnancy is the reason of cleft lips. As Martha from Eva’s world was exposed to radiation during her pregnancy a several times, therefore her child has cleft lips. (1)

The Unknown guy from Eva's world with cleft lips.
The Unknown guy from Eva’s world/ Dark Netflix

4. Hannah in Adam’s world always wanted to marry Ulrich and in Eva’s world she’s married with Ulrich.

Ulrich wanted to be a senior in Winden police department in Adam’s world and he was a senior in police department in Eva’s world.

Charlotte knew that her husband was cheating on her and deep inside she also had a desire to do the similar thing so in Eva’s world she was hanging on with Ulrich to cheat Peter.

Elizabeth was mute and couldn’t hear in Adam’s world but in Eva’s world, she was able to talk.

It is said that our deepest desires are being fulfilled somewhere in a parallel universe.The show makers probably kept this in mind while making the show.

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5. Powerplant work can not proceed without the three ‘Unknown’ guys from Eva’s world because they were the one to bring the permission to start powerplant from the Mayor. When Jonas and Martha reached the origin world, We saw that there was no powerplant because Bern Doppler never got the permission.

6. Regina was growing near the Power Plant so the radiation affected her to cause breast cancer. However, in the origin world Regina is healthy because there was no power plant.

Regina Tiedemann suffers from Cancer
Regina Tiedemann suffers from Cancer/ Dark Netflix

7. There is no Nielsen family in the origin world because In 1953 Egon asked Agnes why she came back to Winden. She said that her grandmother lived there and she took her surname. Later we know that Agnes’s grandmother is Hannah, who named herself Katharina Nielsen while she was in sexual relationship with Egon Tiedemann. So, this whole ‘Nielsen’ title is a bootstrap paradox created by Hannah.

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8. Magnus and Bartosz while swimming in the lake in 2019 joked about a dead woman in the lake, and we learned later that Katharina’s body was dragged into the lake in 1987. (2)

Martha Swimming
Martha from Adam’s world Swimming with her friends/ Dark Netflix

At the same time Jonas finds a pendant which he gifts to Martha. The pendant was pulled by Katharina from Helene’s neck in 1987 while Katharina gets murdered by her own mother.

Katharina with pendant
Katharina gets murdered by her own mother, while Katharina snatches the pendant from her mother’s neck/ Dark Netflix

The very pendant was gifted by Egon to Hannah. Which Hannah gave to Helene when she went to abort her child.

Hannah wearing a pendant gifted by Egon.
Pendant gifted to Hannah by Egon/ Dark Netflix

9. Eva’s world Martha’s scratch on her cheek gets mirrored when she travels to Adams’ world. Same goes with the cleft of the unknown guys.

Matha’s scratch getting mirrored in the parallel world/ Dark Netflix
The unknown's lips cleft gets switched
The unknown’s lips cleft gets mirrored in the parallel world/ Dark Netflix

10. H.G. Tannhaus saved his family without even knowing by himself.

H.G. Tannhaus
H.G. Tannhaus/ Dark Netflix

11. The diary that Noah and Claudia carries is wriiten by the Unknowns.


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