Yama Buddha Would Be Happy To Listen Mokshya’s “Atit Ka Paath”

Atit Ka Paath by Mokshya would make Yama Budhha happy if he was alive.

Late yet alive in our hearts, Yama Budhha always wanted a good army in NepHop. If Yama Budhha was alive he would be happy to listen Nabin Khanal aka Mokshya’s “Atit Ka Paath” filled with powerful lyrics and emotions.

Mokshya dropped his first song “Yaha Samma” in 2020 which carries his own life and rap journey. After that beautiful song he again dropped his new song “Atit Ka Paath” in no time. In “Atit Ka Paath” Mokshya recalls his past journey and experiences. As per him Atit Ka Paath is all about acceptance.

Sung and composed by Nabin Khanal aka Mokhsya, mixed by Breeze and edited by Rohit Maharajn, Atit Ka Paath is available in his official YouTube channel.

This song will surely help cherish your mind.

Mokshya’s Atit Ka Paath


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