World War III – A case study

The killing of Qassem Soleimani who was Major General of the Iranian force by United States military force has ENHANCED the possibility of commencement of World War III. But it is the matter of concern ” Is World War III really possible? “

As we know, there is cold war between United States and Russia since World War II. So, there has always been possibility for people to predict the upcoming World War III. So, the answer is “Yes, the World War III is possible” for the question raised.

Let’s see what are the events taking place that may lead to world war 3.

World war 3
  • 2nd January, 2020 : Killing of Major General of Iran Quassem Soleimani by US Force through Air Strike
  • 3rd January, 2020 : Burning of US national flags by the Iranian people during the funeral of Quassem Soleimani
  •  8 January, 2020 : Missile attack by Iran targeting American Military Forces on Iraq which was termed as ‘Operation Martyr Soleimani’ as a revenge to United States

And more to follow….

Similarly, the condition between India and Pakistan is also not that good. So, there is a huge chance for the World War 3 to take place. But let’s hope for the good!


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