While New Episode of Bhadragol Became A Flop, The Old Team Is Bringing Something New

One of the most popular comedy serial that aired on Nepal Television, “Bhadragol” had been set into disputes a few time ago. The comedy serial, “Bhadragol” which has managed to gain good viewership on television and YouTube, has not aired since the new financial year.

Due to some disputes between the team of “Bhadragol” and “Media Hub” the popular serial’s old team has left the troupe.

The annual contract of Media Hub with Nepal Television has expired this Asar. After the signing of the new deal, a new series could not be produced due to various issues between Bhadragol’s team and media hub. Although the media hub renewed its agreement with Nepal Television, the old episode was repeated at that time.

Now, some of the old members from the Bhadragol team have started working on Bhadragol of which the first episode has been already aired. But the new episode with the new team has not got the love and appreciation from the audiences. It has become a huge flop, There are more dislikes than the likes on YouTube.

On the other hand, the old team of Bhadragol has confirmed that they are coming with new serial on NTV real soon.

The team, which is separated from the Bhadragol, is about to air a new serial. However, the name of the new serial has not been made public yet. The new serial is scheduled to air on Nepal Television every Thursday at 08:30 PM from 2nd Asoj.

Former Bhadrahol directors Kumar Kattel Jigri and Arjun Ghimire Pade’s group are airing this new serial on their own investment. Their own company “JPT Creation” will be producing this new serial.

The new serial will be based on Bhadragol’s character and scenario.


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