Which Batsmen Holds The Key to Nepali Cricket In The Future?

Nepal cricket is a favourite among associates around the world. Paras Khadka, Sandeep Lamichhane, has given a face, an identity, at an international level.

Besides them, Nepal Cricket is always facing a serious problem in the batting side at the international level which is a dark side of Nepali cricket.

Who can give hope to Nepal Cricket in present as well as in the future for Nepali Cricket?

1. Aarif Sheikh

A number three batsmen play a vital role in every cricket team. Nepali cricket is lucky to have Aarif Sheikh as an emerging batsman for the national team. A young, right-handed,22 years old Sheikh is known for his best technique and capability to play in every situation of the match. His status in ODI and list A won’t be satisfying among all but he can bang in any situation for Nepal Cricket.

2.Dipendra Singh Airee

A young player with the responsibility of vice-captain at the age of 20 only, is ready to quench the thirst of fans. The batting line-up that has failed for a majority of the time, the presence of Airee had developed hope among the team.
However, his performance in the last few international matches had been a serious problem for coaches and board.

As a young batsman, he is more focused on his game these days and can be the key player for the national team in the future.

3.Rohit Poudel

A young talented batsmen Poudel had already achieved a record of youngest player to hit a half-century in international cricket. He is known for his finishing ability of an innings.

However, Rohit Poudel is among the players who rarely get a chance in playing 11 for the match. If he gets better exposure in the team at the international level, he would play a vital role in gearing up the Nepal Cricket.

Apart from these, Pawan Sarraf, Sandip Jora, Kushal Malla are emerging batsmen for team Nepal who can be the key player for the National side in the future leading the country towards the test era.


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