When And Where ‘The Hundred’?

After the news of Nepal’s sensational bowler Sandeep Lamichhane picked in “The Hundred tournament”, there might have arouse so many questions in your mind.

What, when, where and what all this stuff? You might be in a whirl. Don’t worry I will try to be clear here today about the hundred.

The new format of 100-ball cricket is all set to start across UK next year. An excitement all around the world had been spread to welcome the novel format of cricket.

What is The Hundred?

The hundred is a new brand of 100-ball cricket supported by England Cricket Board.The tournament will for both Men’s and Women’s running alongside each other.

The main new feature is the overs of 10 balls.That means 10 overs for each side.

When and Where The Hundred?

The tournament will sprint for 38-days starting from 17 July 2020. Eight team will compete in league with 32 games(four home and four away game for each team)before play-off rounds.

The hundred

Sandeep Lamichhane has been drafted by team ‘Oval Invincibles’ in draft held on 20th October 2019 with the price of 1.43 crore(Nepali Currency).


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