We’re Drinking Turmeric-Water

This letter doesn't want to hurt anybody's sentiments. While reading this, readers may express their anger with the writer, but the writer is not spreading hatred towards any community.

Hello there, yes you!

How are you? I hope everything is going well in your country. There is nothing worse in our nation. No Pandemic here. Covid-19 is not a big issue here. The majority government, and majority “Communist” party has other big issues like the construction of Ram Temple, who will become the Prime Minister, etc.

Yesterday, our Prime Minister echoed “Ram was born in Nepal”, and announced to construct a big temple in Ayodhyapuri. So to take the revenge, Indian External Affairs Minister also said “Lord Buddha was Indian”.

A month ago, Turkish leader Erdogan also announced to convert Hagia Sophia into a Mosque. Days ago, Narendra Modi—the Indian Prime Minister—did Bhoomi Pujan to construct a Ram Mandir, which will last for thousand years in the disputed area of Ayodhya.

Karl Marx, the founder of Communism said, “Religion is the opium of the people”, that’s why many leaders are supplying this opium to create the feeling of nationality. But our Prime Minister isn’t doing so, he is trying to give us the feeling of oneness by motivating us, which will erase all tensions—tensions of unemployment, Pandemic, healthcare, transportation, poverty, and many more.

Turmeric-Water in a cup
Credit: Sarah Gualtieri/Unsplash

We are drinking Turmeric-Water to fight Covid-19, which is partially true by the way, this was also suggested by our Prime Minister. We don’t need ventilators, ICU beds, or oxygen masks to fight this disease because our immune system is very strong enough to fight Covid-19.

Citizens are dying outside the hospital, a Covid-19 infected woman died yesterday because seven hospitals in Birgunj didn’t even bother to give her oxygen mask. A few days ago, an old man died the same way. Hospitals are filled with symptomatic patients because they didn’t sneeze and drink hot water. They didn’t even bother to drink a glass of Turmeric-Water.

Local authorities are again locking-up themselves, but they don’t even know locking-up again and again won’t curb the infections, and won’t stop trespassing through the border.

I hope your country arranged 3 thousand ICU beds, 2 thousand ventilators, and stock of Remdesivir in full 4-month lockdown to treat Covid-19 patients. We don’t need those, we’re lucky because we drink Turmeric-Water.

I wonder, in the present day, if we had Ram and Buddha, would they drink turmeric water or they wouldn’t?

I hope you didn’t get bored reading this nonsense.



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