Wanted Evenness And Grace At The Same Time : Aarif Sheikh

While Aarif was not in the squad in ICC Men’s T20I World Cup Asia Region Final,he wanted to achieve evenness in his batting to go with the grace and he did that.

Nepali middle-order batsmen Aarif Sheikh had a quite impressive campaign in Singapore Tri-nation Series and Oman Pentangular Series.Although he was not able to pick any half-century,his batting skills and consistency gave Nepal a perfect middle-order batsmen.

Aarif registered scores of 8,39,25,21,2,26 and 20. He made many match winning partnership along with skipper Paras Khadka and Binod Bhandari.

I was not able to covert my fine start to a big score.I will work hard in it and do my best in upcoming matches.I wanted evenness and grace at the same time said young batsmen Aarif Sheikh.

Nepal having lots of problem in batting,Aarif Sheikh can be the key batsmen for upcoming series and tours.

Interview with Aarif Sheikh :


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