Wanted 2 After Dabangg 3?

Wanted 2

During the period of 2007-2008, Salman Khan’s films were fluttering in Bollywood. It was like his professional career was traveling through the caliginous paths. During that dark phase of Salman Khan, there were tons of people who said that his career has then came to an end.

The thing itself worried Salman Khan. At that same time, Salman signed ‘Wanted’ of Bonni Kapoor, directed by Prabhu Deva.

No one was expecting good from the film, but then a miracle happened. The “Wanted” film released in 2009, paved Salman Khan’s career again. It became a massive hit. And then the rest is history, he is been ruling the Bollywood since then.

Talks have been made to start the sequel of the very film “Wanted” from long ago but there were not been any productive decision made.

Currently, Prabhu Deva and Salman Khan are working together on Dabangg’s sequel; Dabangg 3. So this togetherness on Dabangg 3 has now brought the buzz about Wanted 2. Wanted’s maker Boni Kapoor has already stated that he is eager to start Wanted 2. And if sources are to believed Salman Khan and Prabhu Deva have already discussed about wanted 2.

Salman Khan has agreed to do the film and Prabhu Deva has also started working on the storyline. If everything goes well Wanted 2 project announcement will be done at the end of 2019.


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