Vianet ISP’s User Data Compromised Due To The Latest Leak

A twitter handle with the user name “paapi_kto_mah” posted a tweet with an onion link that leads to a data of 170,000 users of Vianet.

Vianet Communications is a leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) from Nepal.

The user tweeted “Data Bhogi Manav Haru Lau Moj Gar” and added an onion link that consists of the data of Vianet users including name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.

The hacker has stored the data in the TOR network as it protects user’s privacy and monitoring would be difficult.

Screen shot of the tweet posted by alleged hacker.
Series of tweets by the alleged hacker.

Vianet communications has officially released a statement on this data breach. They say that the particular source of the data breach has been found and fixed and they are monitoring for any other bugs and breaches. They also have contacted Cyber Crime Bureau for the take down request of the exposed data.

Below is the official statement from Vianet on this data breach.

Official statement by Vianet Communications on recent data breach.


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