Uniq Poet’s ‘Mero Desh Birami’ Portrays The Country’ Bad Health

Utsaha Uniq Joshi has come up with Mero Desh Birami to make everything alright.

Utsaha Joshi aka Uniq Poet has released a new song “Mero Desh Birami” where he portrays every bad going in the country. He further believes, united we will make everything alright. This song was premiered on Uniq’s official YouTube channel on 17th July 2020.

Composed and sung by Uniq Poet, video by Donob production Mero Desh Birami is directed by Shreejan Shyamaa.

This song by Uniq has some background voice of Late Yama Buddha sharing his wisdom which adds so much power to the song.

Audience outside Nepal can buy T-shirts of Mero Desh Birami from here.

Listen To Uniq Poet’s Mero Desh Birami


Uniq Poet and VTEN were recently invited to Suraj Singh Thakuri’s It’s My Show where the Nepali hip-hop gems share their story. Watch it! This interview is sure to hook you up for 50 minutes.


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