UNIQ Poet To Bring Diss Track That Disses SACAR

The diss track game in nepali Hip Hop is not that popular. But the one from “Ease Is Easy”, “Sacar Padhikari” changed the diss track game in NepHop. The diss track from Ease Is Easy became a massive hit. It dissed SACAR and the music “King of NepHop”.

SACAR aka Lil Buddha, starts being notorious on social media when one of his track is about to drop. The same has happened again, he started blaming Uniq Poet and Laure on  his social media handles to drag attention.

Some people call that Sacar once again has started doing narcotics and that might be the reason for his louche acts. However some call it a publicity stunt.

In reply to one of the post done by SACAR, Uniq Poet has announced that he will be coming up with a diss track that disses Sacar.

This is what SACAR said on his Facebook.

In response to this Uniq Poet posted this on his Facebook handle.


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