UNIQ Poet Receives Silver Play Button From YouTube

Utsaha Joshi aka UNIQ Poet banged the 100K subscribers on his YouTube channel recently.

His duet with SACAR for “King Of Nephop” and his very own “Straight Outta Kathamndu” helped him very much to conquer this 100K milestone. Before these two songs, his subscribers counted around 70K and it took no time to reach him 100K after the two songs aired on YouTube.

YouTube felicitates its creators when they hit huge subscriber milestone. And here Utsaha UNIQ Joshi got this chance yesterday. He received silver play button from YouTube for hitting 100K subs.

He took social media Facebook to share his excitement.

He writes “Flex that silver play button they said. Ima still keep it minimal. One love to everyone who bumps my shit on the daily. Il drop the greatest album ever recorded in Nepal for you guys. I swearrrrrr.”

Also, he’s soon releasing his new song called “God Of Nephop”


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