Twitter Trending During Christmas

While a significant number of us are as yet unwrapping our Christmas presents, numerous over the world chose to compose customized letters to the man existing apart from everything else — Santa Claus — requesting what they needed. Beginning with Dear Santa, individuals took to Twitter to keep it 280-characters quick and painless while they got serious. Going from interesting to charmingly honest, the tweets have been doing the rounds of the Internet a little before Christmas eve started. Not just has the example got individuals’ consideration, it has additionally motivated them to participate in the pattern, with an ever increasing number of individuals composing ‘Letters to Santa’. While skeptics among us may feign exacerbation and restore how Santa and unicorns are simply legendary characters, in the midst of drudgery, it appears individuals are discovering more comfort in fiction than certainties. 

Look at a portion of the ‘Dear Santa’ letters, here.



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