Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Unfollowed Mark Zuckerberg On Twitter

It’s not unusual to have a business rivalry between social media giants Facebook and Twitter. But a recent incident has revealed that there is a personal rivalry between the CEO’s of Facebook and Twitter.

Despite the business rivalry and personal disputes between two CEO’s Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, two of them have been following each other on twitter. But recently Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey has unfollowed Mark ZUckerberg on Twitter. This incident has brought buzz on internet.

Prior to unfollowing Zuckerberg, he had followed a Twitter account named @bigtechalert. This Twitter account monitors the follow-up and unfollowing activities of CEOs of technology companies. Jack is believed to have followed the account to let the world know that he had unfollowed Zuckerberg on Twitter.

Shortly after that, @bigtechalert tweeted another, saying that Dorsey had unfollowed the Twitter account @finkd. The Twitter account @finkd is from Facebook CEO Zuckerberg.


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