Truth Behind Sabin Karki Leaving Cartoonz Crew :Beest Speaks Up Finally

In a real to life meet with “Ramailo Chha” , the group individuals discussed a great deal of stuff and from Sabin Karki Beest exit from the team to the wage and the offensive YouTube remarks they talked their hearts out. 

The current cartoonz crew team mainly saroj and Aashma blamed Sabin for leaving the crew at their bad times. Ashma blameed sabin that all the abusive comment they get in YouTube is due to the sabin’s exit from the crew. Not only this they blamed him for taking “Beest-Official” YouTube channel with him. On an interview with “Ramailo Chaa” YouTube channel, the current crew members didnt leave any points to make Sabin bad, may be that directly or indirectly. But now here comes the real truth, finally the dancer,comedian, viner and cool guy champ Sabin Karki –  Beest Speaks up.

Sabin said that, it’s not he wants to argue or make this issue more bigger, but just he wanted his followers to listen the story of the other part too, story of his part. He speaks up through his newly YouTube channel uploading an video. Firstly he conveys that he didn’t left the crew members during their bad times, he added he did all the management for them and gradually he distanced from them. 

There are couple of reasons for Sabin’s exit. Sabin started his YouTube channel “Beest Official” with an aim to promote Nepali dancing talents. He used to upload many dance videos before Cartoon Crew started in that channel. Then later came the Crew, he and his brother did many thing for editing, capturing and the video. He he had to buy all equipments to setup an studio only for CRTOONZ CREW. He added his brother who captured the videos for the crew did all for free although he was busy with life stuffs.

Perhaps, he was like the head of the crew, editor, Director, Motivator everything. His directed and choreographed “Funtastic” cover was a great hit. Due to that hit video they got chance for  in ta foreign tour, they were damn happy. Then they got a next project, “Rato rachandra” and other projects on the line too. He was intrested in Rato Rachandra project because it was a patriotic point and could create a hype and could be a great hit. But one day he came to know the rest of the team was busy in next project without even informing him. When he reached the studio, Saroj told “Hami arko project garna lagim yr…ta video khichde na”. Okay this is so disgraceful, Cartoonz Crew Is here to this point due to Sabin and trying to exclude him like this, and not informing him about whats going round was bad. He was like the head of the crew and when somone who’s worked as a head member before, is been dominated by their crew nobody loves it. So this is the main reason for Sabin’s exit.

Also the Facebook page of the crew was handle by Sabin, Saroj and Sabin were admin there. One day saroj lowered Sabin to an editor and finally to analyst there. After all these sorts of drama in the Facebook page by Saroj, Sabin left the page too.

And about the money from Funtastic cover video they got by monetizing it, sabin paid some part of it and remaining money he hasn’t even withdrawn them. He added the remaining money around 8 thousands dollars that is also from  his massive hit “Viral Bhaidiyo” and his other Short Videos. He summed up he won’t be delivering such videos again, the blame of Saroj and Ashma made him to upload this one. He will not be stopping his work, he will work for promoting Nepali Dancing Talents, and also make his followers laugh with his short videos.

There was nothing like rivalry betweenoj Saroj and Sabin in recent days. There were good conversations. saroj congratulated sabin for the huge sucess of “Viral Bhaidiyo”. But but, damn the whole crew members in an interview with “Ramailo Chha” blamed sabin for fake reasons. We wish Saroj , Ashma and other crew members to convey good messages to their followers and don’t blame Sabin for shitty Reasons.

We love both Sabin and the crew.

You can watch Sabin’s Speak up here.


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