Traveler’s Project-Zero Announced To Start Electric Bikes In Nepal

As we all know, pollution is reaching its top level in Nepal, and anything technological needs to replace all these vehicles which are being relied on gas or fuel. The “Traveler’s Project-Zero (P-4)” has brought something new in the context of Nepal and officially announced that the production of electric bikes is going to be boomed in upcoming years.

In Nepal, the first-ever electric bike has been made by a leading team of Ashim Pandey. The Youth of the team members had spent more than about three years in the Netherlands just to complete this project.

The company is about to produce an electric motorcycle in Nepal with a different design. As the availability of electricity is being easy in Nepal, the company expects to attract youngsters by bringing such a reliable bike. The company also claims to have strengthened the protective aspect of the bike. This motorcycle is influenced by the design of the ‘Cafe Racer’ bike.

This bike has a 3 kW motor. This is a higher capacity than the bikes available on the market. Its motor delivers 5 BH of power and 5 Nm of torque. The bike can run at a speed of 5 kilometers per hour. This bike, with a 2kWh battery pack, has a 3-year warranty. The battery used on this bike takes about 4 hours to charge fully. Once charged, it jumps up to 200km, which is possible with electricity equivalent to just Rs. 70 in Nepal.

The company is about to design the bike by importing the designed parts from different countries in which countries such as the USA, China, India have co-operated in this production.

They emphasize the use of fiber on this bike more than metal. Not only is it hooligan, but it is also strong. The company claims the bike will be very useful for Nepali roads.


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