Top Bloggers of Nepal

When it comes to Blogging, Nepal is not that into it. However, there a few number of notable bloggers who are hustling through their blogging journey in Nepal.

Today we will discuss some top Nepali bloggers who write in English.

What is a blog?

A blog is an online presence of information through a website. A blog can have wide range of contents ranging from textual, images to podcasts and so on. In fact, our website is also a blog.

Who are bloggers?

Bloggers are the people who setup websites, ensure online presence and curate contents for it.

Being a blogger in Nepal is quite uphill. It is very tough to make your food through independent blogging. It requires continuous effort in content curation, marketing and managing the site. But in the end there would be less income being generated.

Bloggers in Nepal have to depend upon adsense for their primary income source. As there is no proper affilliate sites in Nepal, the income of Nepali bloggers is relatively low than bloggers from abroad. However, there are chances of getting local advertisements if the blog does well.

So, let us jump to the list of top Nepali bloggers quickly.

P.S. The list is not ranked.

Some Popular Bloggers From Nepal

Lakshya Sapkota

Lakshya Sapkota
Lakshya Sapkota/ Kaagmandu Managazine

Lakshya Sapkota is a popular name in Nepali blogging scene. He owns Kaag Media Pvt. Ltd. Under this company he runs a popular Facebook page and website called Kaagmandu Magazine. He loves to call Kmag, a messenger to create an informed society. Lakshya Sapkota and his team writes on business, Spirituality, ongoing issues, and so on. He also owns an online gift shop called Nepol.

Jay Poudyal

Jay Poudyal
Jay Poudyal/ Stories of Nepal

Jay Poudyal is a popular photo blogger from Nepal. College dropout Jay owns Stories of Nepal. He travels the rural Nepal and shares the photo stories. He shares the evils, pain, happiness, joys and sorrows of the remote Nepal. He has been featured in many national and international news portals. Jay earns enough money from blogging to feed his family.

Neeraj Pun

Neeraj Pun
Neeraj Pun/ Neo Stuffs

Neeraj Pun is another top blogger from Nepal. Korea based Neeraj loves writing. Pun owns Neo Stuffs where he writes blog on entertainment, movies, music and so on. Earning through a blog has never been his motive. He also revealed that he only earns for tea and cakes through his blog. Pun also works for some other blogs like Party Nepal and more.

Sagar Regmi

Sagar Regmi
Sagar Regmi

Sagar Regmi, an IT student from Chitwan, is another big blogger from Nepal yet he remains undercover. He owns many blogs related to tech, entertainment and health. Regmi uses adsense, media net and affiliate links to earn through blogs.

Bimal Raj Paudel

Bimal Raj Paudel
Bimal Raj Paudel/ Nep Stuff

Bimal Raj Paudel is an SEO specialist, social media strategist and a blogger from Nepal. He owns Nep Stuff, The Pro Notes, Cricket Fever Nepal and many other blogs. He is destined to promote blog business in Nepal. He uses adsense and locale ads to monetize his blogs.

Lex Limbu

Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu/

Lex Limbu is one of the old blogger from Nepal who started blogging since 2008. He owns UK based Lex Limbu posts contents related to entertainment, music and more from Nepal. He takes blogging as a passion only. Hence, he has not monitized his blog.

Pradeep Singh

Pradeep Singh/ Nepali Blogger

Pradeep Singh is a London based one of the old Nepali blogger who owns Nepali Blogger, Nepali Chalchitra, WPism and many other blogs. He covers Nepali stories from movies, tech, music and so on.

Special Mention: The Gundruk Post

The Gundruk Post is one of the authentic blog from Nepal. It is handled by a husband-wife duo currently staying at UK. Unfortunately they love to stay anonymous. The technical part of the website is handled by wife and the husband does the writing and marketing part.

There are few more blogs and blogger that are doing very well in Nepal. However, they are managed by a dedicated team and are independent so we haven’t mentioned them.

Top Bloggers of Nepal

1Lakshya SapkotaKaagmandu Magazine
2Bimal Raj PaudelThe Pro Notes, Nep Stuff
3Neeraj PunNeo Stuffs
4Jay PoudyalStories of Nepal
5Lex LimbuLex Limbu’s Blog
6Pradeep SinghNepali Bloggers, WPism, Nepali Chalchitra
7Sagar RegmiChia Seeds
Top bloggers of Nepal and their respective blogs.


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