An Easy Ride Anywhere Inside Kathmandu Valley With A Tootle App

“Get an easy ride anywhere inside Kathmandu valley. Tootle matches you with bikers that are on your way. HAPPY TOOTLING” , Sounds so cool right?

The method of transportation in the capital is restricted to same customary methods for public vehicles. Moving around the capital isn’t that simple and public vehicles influence it to most exceedingly bad. With packed transports and substantial movement, our day by day portability is somewhat limited. Leasing a taxi isn’t that economic and easy. In any case, another beam of expectation has helped the city with the presentation of “Tootle”.

So What Is Tootle?

Tootle is an app which you can get in your phones at the fingertips. Tootle is another initiative that is conveyed to serve the general people in the valley. It is a cool and simple method for getting and giving rides inside the capital. At present, tootle rides can be reserved just from 8 am to 8 pm.

How to use/get/give a tootle ride? 

On the off chance that you simply need to book a ride you can do as by installing Tootle app. 

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to earn some additional money by offering a ride to others then you should have a Tootle Partner application on your phone. Joining in any of these applications is essentially. You should simply fill off a few points of details and afterward you’ll be ready. However, you need to upload a photo of your driving license to become a Tootle Partner.

How Does The Tootle Ride App Work?

Let’s  begin with how to book your tootle ride. Open the tootle application and login with your minor details (first time only). At that point you select your pickup area and destination location and tap on “book”. The application will create the most brief course for your ride and figure your charge for the ride. You can pick your method of installment which can be from tootle balance  or with cash money. You can choose your time of ride  that can be at this moment or 15/30/after a hour. When, you hit “confirm”. You’ll get a remarkable ride code and a notice will be sent to online Tootle Partners and once a tootle accomplice acknowledges the book ask. Your ride will be begun as quickly as could be expected under the circumstances. When you reach your preferred location, you should give that ride code to your rider and that way Tootle group will be notified about your  successful ride.

Tootle Balance and what can you do with it?

Since Tootle is in its starting stage, it is without giving tootle adjust worth Rs. 500 for each new join. You can utilize that tootle adjust for booking your next tootle ride. When you come up short on adjust, you can top up your Tootle Balance by means of e-sewa or a Tootle Voucher. Also more methods of installment for the best up are right not far off.

How To Become Tootle Partner And Start Earning Money?

  • Register with Tootle  Fill the form at your right side.
  • Join one of the training session by Tootle at your convenience and activate your account.
  • Download Tootle partner app from Google playstore and login.
  • Go online and get ready to pickup clients and earn money.


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