Those Men In Navy Blue With Red Stripes Shirts

Supporting team Nepal in ICC T20 World Cup 2014 was the most pleasurable moment for Nepalese people.From Politicians and celebrities to normal fan, everyone’s foot were above the ground.

A small landlocked nation from south-east Asia, playing in the big stage for the very first time with that level of confidence, entertaining the whole nation without worrying about result, nothing can give that level of goosebumps to Nepalese cricket lovers.

If I would be writing this article in 2014/15, probably it would be the prediction of Nepal cricket in the future.But in 2020 except from acquiring ODI status, we are not able to participate in mega events of ICC and ACC.

November 27 2013, a day when I realized everything can be possible if you have that willpower and strength to achieve the biggest dream.

“Oh! They’ve done it. Miss field at mid-off and Nepal is there.Nepal is heading to ICC T20 World Cup 2014 in Bangladesh.” this sentence from the commentator still get echoed around my head.

Standing,running and cheering in the same ground to sharing that joy with family members and friends in a TV room, cricket fans increased by 60% around the nation in that particular day.

In the traffic of news from biggest international medias to top ranked cricketing nation, my short status on social media expressing joy for heading in world cup get lost but not from my heart.

That 3 for 32 from Jitendra Mukhiya and 46 runs innings from non other than captain Paras Khadka was the finest moment of the match.Well, How can I forget that 13 runs in last over by Sharad Veshwakar which led Nepal to confirm the tickets to Bangladesh for Twenty-Twenty World Cup.

Excitement of Sagar Pun,finger crossed from Subash Khahurel, cool captain Khadka, calm coach Pubudu Dassanayake, prayers from the fans and my wet eyes in-front of that 21-inch box Television, nothing can replace this moment forever.

Nepal Cricket Team

A year from that day, everyone around the nation were enjoying with colors and waters.But, I was  waiting for the real colors of cricket as Nepal was finally on the big stage of World Cup playing their first match against the same Hong-Kong.

Lights were on, Stadium was full with Nepalese fans and flags, players were ready and so am I, sitting in-front of that same small television wearing my new cricket jersey.We all must had enjoyed the batting from Nepal side as our captain Paras Was on his best.

“First ball of the innings and the captain strikes,captain having the wonderful night here in Chittagong and so will be Nepali fans back home because this is a magical start.” that was the first sentence I heard as soon as second innings started.That kind of  goosebumps I had never ever felt in my entire life.

Sompal’s revenge, Shakti’s high-fives over the moon, Regmi’s crucial wickets downs Hong-Kong for just 69 handing the victory of 80 runs for us. Whole nation were enjoying the cricket colors on the night of Holi festival.

Further in tournament, we lost against host Bangladesh and back home defeating rising nation Afghanistan by 9 runs in last match of our World Cup 2014.

Shakti Gauchan

That year the whole nation and of course whole world was well known about Paras Khadka, Basanta Regmi,Sompal Kami, Shakti Gauchan, Subash Khakhurel and behind these names the country, Nepal. Not only the players and nation was above that year but a new generation of cricket started in Nepal.

Beside that big event, Nepal’s achievement for big events like World Cup is still in dream. Achieving ODI status is just a start for Nepal.I still believe in team Nepal.I still do.

Nepal squad for ICC Cricket world Cup Qualifiers 2013 or we can say those men in navy blue and red stripes shirts:

  1. Paras Khadka
  2. Pradeep Airee
  3. Prithu Baskota
  4. Binod Bhandari
  5. Mahesh Chhetri
  6. Shakti Gauchan
  7. Avinash Karn
  8. Subash Khakhurel
  9. Gyanendra Malla
  10. Anil Mandal
  11. Jitendra Mukhiya
  12. Basanta Regmi
  13. Sagar Pun
  14. Sompal Kami
  15. Sharad Vesawar




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