The Viral Photo of Pilgrims Bathing In A Pool Wearing Masks On Is An Old One

The Photo being viral.

Recently a Photo of pilgrims bathing on a hot water pool of Myagdi,Tatopani has been viral all over the internet.

Netizens are giving negative opinions on this photo. They say Covid-19 aka Corona can spread through the water in the pool so there’s no point in wearing a mask.

But the thing is different here. The photo being viral on internet right now is an old one. It was captured before the Corona thing. This photo was uploaded by Kantipur Post one year ago (17th Poush 2075). The photo uploaded there also has a caption of “File Photo” that means the photo is even more older. The management team of the hot water pool asked all the peoples taking bath to put on masks due to unpleasant smell at that time.

This photo became viral when Kantipur itself used the photo again in a new post.


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