The Shadows Nepal Is Back Again With Electrifying “K Paais Nepali”

K Pais Nepali

After the perplexing hit of “Balaatkaari Lai Faansi DeyThe Shadows Nepal is back again with another song “K Pais Nepali”

Basically, this song is a rage against Nepali politicians who fight for the chair and don’t work as per the promises made for Nepali voters.

Swapnil Sharma, Prakash Rasaily, Amit Pradhan, Sujan Manandhar, Sahil Risal, Samir Shrestha and Suramya Sthapit: the band members are behind this breathtaking song.

The video is shot and edited by Yaywot Shrestha and directed by Rohit Shakya.

Watch The Shadows Nepal’s “K Pais Nepali”

Watch The Shadows Nepal’s Balaatkaari Lai Faansi Dey.


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