The Real Truth Behind The Viral Girl Who Was Beaten Brutally

A video where a small teen studying in grade 7 is brutally beaten by a gang of girls has been viral over the internet in recent few days.

In the video, a girl is beaten by a gang of 6-7 girls. As per the video, the gang of girls is beating her because she leaked something to other peoples.

After the video, went viral, netizens started to react over it. Some started telling the girl has been kidnapped and her mother is searching for her. But the truth seems quite different.

You can watch the viral video from here.

In a recent interview taken by a YouTube channel called Beautiful Life, the girl who was beaten speaks her heart out.

Her name is Rebecca Bishwokarma. She claims that the incident happened 3-4 weeks ago and the gang who were brutally beating her are her own friends. She also confesses that she was a drug addict and all this fuss followed due to the same. She got addicted to the drug after her mother left her and she had to live with her relative. She also adds the gang still intends to beat her but she is safe in her relatives home.

However, the positive part is that she is now free from drug addiction and now wants to study well.

Have a watch to know the full story.

Also, watch the interview taken with the gang.


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