The Nefoli Love Fantasies

- Proud to be Nefoli?

The culture of Sacrificing oneself is still prevalent in Nepal; Only difference is that, ancestors sacrificed themselves towards the country’s better future and millennials are sacrificing themselves for some unstable romantic love they made over internet.

We are setting fire to your Romantic Love Fantasies and hurting you so bad. (haha, sorry but not sorry)

Fantasy No. 1:

Love is fun

What you think:

Love is the most fun thing to do. I’m having someone in my life who would care about me, with whom I can have late night talks sharing every joy and sorrows, with whom I can go hang out and do every crazy stuffs I feel I like to.

What you don’t think:

Over time period, the excitement of lover won’t be the same as it was before. I must be ready to accept this person as part of my life who is going to affect my behaviour and certain aspects in my life. Things may go wrong where my partner may lie, cheat, complain and self victimise frequently.

Fantasy No. 2

Your lover is perfect

What you think:

My lover is perfect in every responsibility of the relationship with a perfect body and soul. If our relation is falling apart, then maybe I did something wrong or may have hurt them bad. My lover knows exactly what he/she is doing and are fully aware about their actions.

What you don’t think:

Imperfection is what makes us human. If any problem seem to arise in the relationship, peaceful confrontation is the only way for stability. If one confrontation may strike towards dissolution of the relation, maybe reconsidering, about the chemistry, spirituality and strength of the relationship, shall be done.

Fantasy No. 3

“I Love You” is the first move of Love

What you think:

Oh damn! What a beautiful lady/handsome boy!! I shall reach out and go talk to her/him. Request their social media profiles and start chatting with them. I just love her/him. I better say “I Love You.”

What you don’t think:

I’m screwing up myself and my self-respect over someone I just saw, based on their appearance. “I love You” is never a love proposal. It is an emotion for expressing which, the relationship between we two shall be further more intimate and committed than just being acquaintance or unknown.

Fantasy No. 4

Love is everything I need

What you think:

Love is the only engine of life. All I wanna do is spend my entire time with him/her. I just keep thinking about him/her 24/7 after all we are lovers.

What you don’t think:

Love is one of the important aspects of life but it shall not interfere directly or indirectly with other important aspects of life like family, work, education and other relations. Love shall be one’s strength but not weakness.

Fantasy No. 5

Love is pain

What you think:

Oh! He/She rejected/dumped me. But I still love her even being in pain. This is what love is and that’s what these emotional heart breaking songs and movies are portraying too.

What you don’t think:

These emotional heart breaking songs and movies are just screwing me up. Rejection teaches too many life lessons. I shall move on and learn from the past. Too many fishes in the sea!!

These imported form of love culture followed by Nefolis shall not prosper. So, we Nepali shall focus on logical thinking rather than some impulsive and emotional thinking while selection of right partner to avoid regrets, self humiliation and relationship breakdown in the future. Then slowly form this as The Nepali Love culture.


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