The Lebanon Explosions Aftermath In Photos

The aftermath photos of Lebanon Explosions.

The massive two explosions that tore through Beirut, Lebanon’s capital, on Tuesday killed more than 100 peoples leaving more than 3 lacs people homeless (1).

The massive explosions ripped houses, overturned cars, killed peoples, and left the capital city into smoke and fire. The exact cause of the explosion has not been identified yet.

However, some officials believe the 2,750 tonnes of confiscated ammonium nitrate that stored in a warehouse at the port for six years to be the cause for the explosions. (2)


Some photos might be disturbing to photosensitive people. Proceed only if you want.

Ripped beirut
Ripped Beirut city. Photo Mr. Tules
Wounded girl in hospital
Wounded girl in hospital. Photo Mr Tules
Wounded people in hospitalWounded people in hospital
Wounded people in hospital. Photo Mr. Tules
Wounded man
A wounded man talking to rescue team on Beirut. Photo AP
Perosn carrying a wounded child on Beirut, Lebanon
Person carrying a wounded child on Beirut, Lebanon. Photo AFP
Lebanon Explosion
Photo. AFP
Wounded man in Lebanon Explosion. Photo AP
Ripped houses in Lebanon explosions
Houses ripped off due to massive explosion in Beirut Lebanon. Photo Mr Tules
people carrying a wounded casualty
People carrying a wounded casualty
Wounded man on Lebanon
Wounded man in Lebanon explosion. Photo Mr Tules
Lebanon explosion
Physical damage caused by explosion in Lebanon Photo Hassan Ammar/AP
Destroyed vehicles
Destroyed vehicles after the blast in Lebanon. Photo EPA
Helicopter searching for causality after the explosion in Lebanon.
Helicopter searching for causality after the explosion in Lebanon. Photo Reuters

We pray for Lebanon.


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