The Nepali social media rush to kill the alleged rapists

For everyone who is cheering and being happy at the encounter of four alleged rapists (Hyderbaad rape & murder case), there may be a dark side we all don’t know. There might be several questions unanswered, several mysteries unsolved.

First of all we should know, a person until proven is not guilty. The word “Alleged” means some one is a suspect, he/she is accused but not proven guilty; he/she is not convicted yet.

There is police and other investigating officers to investigate and dig out things. There is rule of law and court for to decide who the real culprit is and whom to shove behind the bars.

Then why we are in so hurry to hang, defame and kill all the alleged peoples? They aren’t proven guilty yet. All the misleading titles of news portals are not the fact that we should take account into while judging. The alleged, do have their rights. Such rush from all the peoples to hang, kill, defame the alleged will create pressure on authority and rule of law. May be the police gets pressurized to encounter the innocent ones to pacify the illogical crowd asking for death of suspects.

Just an example, if the first accused rapist of Nirmala Panta had been shot dead, we people would be calm assuming that the culprit is been dead. But the real one would be walking free.

It may not be the right time and the right situation to talk about this but truth should prevail. While fake rape charges on men are being high we shouldn’t believe in instant justice. Let a detailed inquiry and investigation happen.

Yes there might be problems with the rule of law and whole judicial system. That needs to be improved. But the rush and haste to hang the suspects might kill the innocent ones. That again would be a big crime and bring next revolt.


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