‘Sushil Gartaula’ Of ‘The Voice Of Nepal’ Comes Up With A New Song

If you had watched the first season of “The Voice of Nepal“, you would never forget Sushil Gartaula.

Sushil Gartaula entered into The Voice of Nepal through the blind auditions and was taken by team Pramod.

The same Sushil Gartaula has come up with his very first classical song “Pahilo Yo Maya”, which has been released on OSR Digital’s YouTube channel on 08/27//2019. His fans are amazingly loving Sushil Gartaula’s comeback and his exquisite work.

The lyrics and the music of the song are given by Dhan Bahadur Gopali and Shree K.C and sang amazingly by Sushil Gartaula. The awesome video is shot by Utsav Dahal and edited by Bikash Dahal.

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Watch Sushil Gartaula’s “Pahilo Yo Maya”


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