Angry Pakistani Fan Reaction Becomes 1 Year Old

On this day in 2019, an epic moment happened in a cricket match which went viral all over the social medias.

A London based Pakistani fan was disappointed with his team playing and expressed his dissatisfaction which became the meme material and spread like pandemic all over the social medias.

Story Behind Angry Pakistani Fan Of World Cup 2019
Angry Pakistani Fan in Cricket World Cup 2019

London based fan, Muhammad Sarim Akhtar was supporting Pakistan during Australia Vs Pakistan in World Cup 2019 at Taunton. He was very personal with match that he expressed dumpy, sad and hilarious reaction when Asif Ali missed an easy catch.

Pakistan was struggling hard to get wickets of furious opponent and were showing poor fielding on ground. Also, they were not having good partnership while chasing 308 runs. Therefore, all Pakistani fans out there were very sad and disappointed with the performance their team had shown up.

On the same time, Cameramen were wandering their cameras to capture fans reaction on stadium when they caught up this hilarious gesture of Pakistani Fan. After that many memes were made on internet to satire inapt and uncongenial. Many merchandise were also launched with this picture.


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