Nepal Government Decides To Ease Lockdown In 5 Stages

Nepal government decides to remove lockdown in 5 stages.

The lockdown was initially enforced on Nepal from 11th Chaitra to 18th Chaitra 2076. The lockdown then just kept on extending. From 3rd Baisakh and then to 15th Baisakh, and then to 5th Jestha and 20th Jestha, and then to 32 Jestha there was not stopping.

It is no secret that the economic sector has been massively paralysed. The tourism, entertainment, and transport sectors have been badly affected due to the prolonged lockdown.

Considering the hit on the economic sector and the fact that the daily workers are having a miserable life because of this lockdown, the government has worked on 5 stages.

While WHO is warning that Coronavirus can become an endemic like HIV and never go away and there seems to be no sign of vaccine for Corona Virus means we must be able to live and deal with it anyway. So the government has decided 5 stages to uplift the lockdown in Nepal.

Effect of Lockdown In Sorkhakhutte, Kathmandu

First Stage:

Hospitals and medical services will be allowed after the doctors and staffs are tested. The safe distance measure is to be followed though.

Second Stage:

In the second stage, the factories will be allowed to run after the staffs are tested.

Third Stage:

In the third stage, all the shops and stores will be allowed to open after maintaining a safe distance. The public vehicles will also be allowed, however the vehicles can’t carry more people than the seats. Similarly, Schools and colleges will also be resumed to normal.

Fourth Stage:

In the fourth stage, all the restaurants, hotels, and all other business will be allowed to open. The international and domestic flight will be resumed.

Fifth Stage:

In the fifth stage, the country will be fully free from the lockdown.

Although, the idea of uplifting the lockdown in five stages seems genuine, it remains to be seen how effective these stages will be. Considering the lockdown upliftment could immediately raise the  number of people infected with corona virus, one has to be really careful and maintain safe distance.  


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