Shah Rukh Khan’s Money & How does he spend it?

His films routinely break the 100 crore mark and his face has sold everything from cotton vests to luxury watches. Currently pegged at worth more than 243 crore by Forbes, Shah Rukh Khan has come a long way from the boy who made his first buck — a meagre 50, as an usher at a Pankaj Udhas concert. Now that he has about 243,31,39,950 more than he did when he started out, you might wonder what he does with it. Thankfully for you, we have the answer. But while Shah Rukh Khan likes to spend his money on the finer things in life (read: a palatial bungalow, a custom-made RV) every once in a while, he is also an astute investor. Every rupee he spends seems to yield him great returns. Here are some of Shah Rukh Khan’s biggest spends (and how most of them are actually making him money): 

Red Chillies Entertainment

Built on the ashes of Dreamz Unlimited, his production house with Juhi Chawla and Aziz Mirza, Red Chillies Entertainment was launched in 2002. Though it is unclear just how much he spent on revamping it, Red Chillies has proved to be one of Shah Rukh Khan’s most profitable ventures. Equipped with a full fledged VFX studio, Red Chillies Entertainment’s annual turn over is about 500 crore, according to the folks over at The Economic Times.


What was once a heritage villa is now a six storey palace. When Shah Rukh first bought the property on lease in 2001, he paid 13.32 crore for the 26,329 sq ft Arabian Sea-facing bungalow. At the time, he paid a nominal rent of just 2,325 a year. But when the Maharashtra Government revised land prices for the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, Shah Rukh khan was given a choice: continue to rent Mannat at ₹19 lakh per year or simply buy it for 8.3 crore. Of course, he did the latter. Today, as per’s estimates, just the land on which Mannat stands costs 41.5 crore. The website estimates the property to be valued at 113 crore. Then again, by the virtue of being Shah Rukh Khan’s house, Mannat’s asking price could well be a lot more than the market rate… should he decide to sell it.

Kolkata Knight Riders

Though Shah Rukh Khan does not have any personal investment in one of the IPL’s most profitable franchises, Kolkata Knight Riders, his Red Chillies Entertainment owns a 55 per cent stake in the team. Bought for over 48 crore in 2008 — an amount that has not been adjusted for inflation — KKR has seen considerable success off the field as well as on it. While the KKR boys work their magic on the field, Shah Rukh’s charm works on audiences and advertisers alike. According to a report in Financial Express, sponsors have to cough up anywhere between 10-12 crore for their logo to be carried on the back of the KKR jersey and between 8-22 crore for the front.


Most of the indian adults reason to go to the mall actually belongs to Shah Rukh Khan. Well, 26 per cent of it does. Here’s how it works: King Khan owns roughly a quarter of ImagiNation Edutainment India Pvt Ltd, which in turn runs the franchise’s Indian operations. Though it has not been revealed exactly how much SRK has invested, KidZania India’s Director and CEO Sanjeev Kumar revealed to Business Standard that their project in Mumbai costs around 100 crore. Considering these figures, you can be sure that whatever the Badshah of Bollywood is dealing with has more zeroes than lesser mortals can count.

Home in Park Lane, London
Since one can get tired of living in a literal palace at times, SRK also bought a smaller, though no less upscale, apartment in Central London’s Park Lane. Rumoured to have made the purchase because of his frequent trips to the city, the property is said to have cost him 16.5 crore – which isn’t really that big a price to pay when you’re Shah Rukh Khan.

Customised B9R Volvo

An actor and his vanity van have a special relationship that few will understand; and since Shah Rukh Khan is no ordinary actor, his RV is as pimped up as a ride could be. The 14-meter-long, 280 sq ft bus probably has more rooms than your house: a bedroom, a bathroom, a makeup/changing room and a meeting room. And if that was not enough, you could summon the hydraulics of the bus and make another room appear, expanding the total area to 360 sq ft. Customised by Dilip Chhabria, the interior of the bus resembles Etihad’s first class private suite in the sky while the exterior makes the vehicle look like a slick grey spaceship. The price of rolling in luxury? Just 4 crore. You could totally sell that spare Bandra flat and get this instead.

BMW 7-Series

Possibly Shah Rukh Khan’s cheapest purchase on this list, the cost of these wheels could easily buy you a lifetime of beer. Heck, it would buy you beer beyond the grave too. While SRK has an enviable yet elusive garage befitting his standing, his 2014 BMW 7-Series is the one car that he seems to favour above the others. The seats are lined with the finest leather, the car is equipped with BMW’s famed iDrive technology that lets you control the car’s infotainment system from the back seat and there’s enough legroom for a model to stretch comfortably. Priced at 1.16 crore, Shah Rukh Khan’s ride is worthy of a true Bollywood star.


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