SACAR Refused To Pay Cinematographer of His Videos

“Jholey” is a popular name currently while it comes to filming and editing. He’s done work with many of the artists from Nepal; Sisan Baniya to Neetesh Jung Kunwar and Shrinkhala Khatiwada.

Lately he worked with Sacar aka Lil Buddha as a cinematographer on the 100 music video of the album Shreepach. The video has been already completed and aired on Sacar’s official YouTube channel.

While Sacar is being notorious on social media for publicity stunts, this again might be his script. What do you think has happened really?

After the successful completion of the project, when Jholey asked for his Pay, Sacar refused to give him the money. Sacar also asked Jholey to bring Police and sue him for this. Have a watch at some of the message snippets posted by Jholey on his Instagram.

Real issue about Sacar and Jholey

Audience warned Sacar on instagram to pay a money

Sacar and Jholey issue

Sacar refused Jholey

Sacar refused Jholey to pay him a money

Have a watch at “100” by Sacar.


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