SACAR Ft. Uniq Poet Released A New Album to Make Your 2019 Ecstatic

SACAR Ft. Uniq Poet Released A New Album to Make Your 2019 Ecstatic

So, Probably you guys might be wondering about a great new year gift. You might be worried about the tedious 2019. But wait, SACAR aka Lil Budhha and Uniq Poet have duet-ed to gift you something amazing and warm this cold day.

SACAR has come up with his new album “Shree Panch ” of which first title track “King of NEPHOP” has been released on Jan 12 which features SACAR himself and dope Uniq Poet. This amazing track is a one-shot video shot by Manjut Lama, filmed at Fuzz Studios and produced by YB Records.

Viewers from Nepal and even from India have been admiring this track. Currently, this video is on trending 10 on Youtube (Nepal) and has a views of 378K.


Now we can say Nepali Hip Hop is on right arms. A big kudos to this amazing work to flawless Uniq Poet and dopest SACAR.

Watch their stupefying performance from below!

Lyrics For SACAR aka. Lil Buddha ft. Uniq Poet – King of NEPHOP :

Lil Buddha King of NEPHOP Lyrics
Ayo, Namaste Sabai Jana Lai
Welcome to the first song from the new album SHREPACH by Lil Buddha
This is GOD Productions, my name is god-on-the-beat
King of NEPHOP, YB Records Millionaires, Mic Check! Let’s go!
[Lil Buddha]
Yo, Lil Buddha on the mic, what’s up what’s up been a long time
SHREEPACH, YB Records, King of NEPHOP, yo uh-huh
Yo I been dope from the get go
MC that they beg for, loved by many so don’t speak on my shit bro
Cause wack f*cks like you I just eat and I shit bro
My friends give me that green like a vegan it’s vegetable
I believe in my set goals, So I’m forever moving keep it running always learning never ending always student
Me and my team we be clever with our movements
We know that we got the art only things that’s left is to prove it
Nephop’s front man, give you what you want man
Why you tryna front man? Don’t be a c*nt man
Cause we about to run shit like yeezy and jumpman
While you doing that dumb shit come on what the f*ck man?
Level up man, you’re falling too deep
We write songs in 5 minutes while it takes you 2 weeks
Is it cause you’re too weak or is it cause you’re too stupid?
Anyway I don’t give a f*ck how you do it, yo
Cause this is how we do, sickest rappers ever to come out of Kathamandu
I do what these other cats can’t do, known in the streets for the flows you can ask a man too, go ask a man dude
Right now I would like to call up on the mic my brother, Uniq Poet to spit some bars aye

[Uniq Poet]

Let’s go!
Welcome to the land with circumstances is raping us up
Dealing with stress, my man’s and them be taking a puff
You’re a youth and you f*cked in the b*tt like a wh*re
But the truth is that I don’t give a f*ck anymore
I got a dream and voice, a reason and choice
Freedom of the people guess the evil demon annoy
Believe in you and me and we can bring the peace and the joy
So I refuse to further fall down deep in this void
Of political bullshit, the drama that they brought
And we were dragged into it helpless, and they thought that they could just use us as puns or puppets
F*ck the system, I was born above it
I’m the son of god raising on me by myself
And we fight for education, employment and public health
Ain’t talking about violence, I’m talking ’bout the mindset
Talking ’bout the prospect of a sign of a progress
I have a dream like Martin Luther
Imagine Nepalese on the top of the world
Do it together, cause it’s our future
Build a better place for the boys and the girls
Give ’em a hope instead of killin’ they dreams
A reason to laugh instead of reason to scream
Give ’em what they need to get whatever they want
And make ’em proud of the place that they come from
Yeah, banchan sabai kura soch bata suru
Sochchu soch le soch mathi ko soch maa ma pugu
Soch bhanda mathi ke soche ek fera
Sochda sochdai katai jiban jane hoki khera
Tara tyo pani ta euta jabo sochai ta ho
Sochai soch le pirolla kasle socheko thyo
Uniq poet dai ko ajkal khuskekai ho
Sochna paisa lagdaina bhai sochera bol
Dinchu geet bata gyan ma, didainas dhyan ta
Sahi prasna sode po pauchas gatilo answer
Ahile aija ekchin mero soch ko taranga sanga ramna
Ani bhanna eh ba daju kada, Dimag bhitra jhakh dekhchhas saat lok ko katha
Uh nasa ho nasa ma dubirachu khai, kata ho kata tara pugirachu
Tyo kalpanik gantabya mero afno chhuttai satya lakhsya bhanda dherai para tara najik ko sabse, adkeko jasto lagcha ani umkina khojchhu, euta bato umkiye pani feri arko bare sochchhu
Euta pinjada ko sunga ma, uh ma lukne euta kunaa chha yeah
Tyo kunaa bhitra ghumse pani yeah chharna khojchhu afno subash
Yeah ma chharna khojchu afno subash
Let me pass it back to Lil Buddha

[Lil Buddha]

Wassup, you ready to do this?
I leave you clueless with the raps I do
Check it out, wassup I’m here with my uhh
Yeah I’m the sickest that did it, I’m wicked I kick it in ways you never thought was possible, so sick I need a hospital
Real motherf*ckers stick my d*ck up in your mama’s hole I live undercover cause I’m wanted for
Saying f*ck you all, but I’m coming with that real shit
Many years passed I got real sick
Many years passed and you’re still shit
Many years passed, drugged out I will probably live 20 years max
But I rock it till the wheels go flat, you can die but your records can still go plat so I do it for that
Yeah I do it for the future, psychotic rapper, psychedelic user, getting many views huh
Everybody watching going real crazy, everybody laughing
Everybody asking, what the f*ck happened?
They say they see my name in them tabloids and magazines
I know, my shit is smooth don’t need vaseline, your shit is trash
Boy I could rap better out my a**, hater got no class
So don’t try to act tough, cause that will only lead to some real f*cking bad stuff
You and I don’t match up, you’re a featherweight I’m a heavyweight I can f*cking crush you any day
I get plenty plays, y’all get a hundred
MCs tryna preach I’m the muhfuckin’ pandit, check me out
The sickest baun in the town, let me show you how to throw it down
Yeah I go all 12 rounds when it all falls down I still rise up above it
Life is a b*tch, I’m like f*ck it
I smoke so much green I don’t stick on a budget
I make a lot of green cause I come with the substance of passion
And I don’t give a f*ck about fashion
Whatever I do is what this b*tch is running after
I set trends you follow, quit talking that shit just bend b*tch and swallow mero ten inch ko ohhh
The plan is to own ten benzes and gallardos
So I don’t f*ck around b*tch I’m going full throttle
I can’t stop, can make a U turn, making you burn
Making you yearn for the hotness
B*tch you ain’t got this, that’s why I am the king of this rap shit
Life feels good cause I just finger the bad b*tch
She scream and she moan, your b*tch licking me like I’m ice-cream on a cone
We do it like three in a row, then we shove her off like b*tch let me be in my zone, stop eating my bone.
I got real business to do, real money to make
Only few people don’t know me but still hungry for fame
I believe one day I’ll make all my fantasies come alive
And I stay hot like summer time aye
Mess with me if you wanna die, put a shot in your eye I make your mama cry, you wanna try?
Come and get it yeah I said it on record this is history in the making no faking we real
I’m the real deal
Me and my boys UNIQ, GOD
We just stay chill everyday, every night
We be on a f*cking flight always so f*cking high yo
Alright alright
Okay, I think uniq needs to come and spit another verse bro, dude

[Uniq Poet]

Yeah, aye aye yeah
Paisa ko pachhadi lagera afno kalaa lai mardina
Daiba ko agadi, f*ck it, bigroy
Go on, go on, go on, let’s vibe!
Aye aye aye aye aye aye uh
Paisa ko pachhadi lagera afno kalaa lai mardina
Daiba ko agadi jhukera afule afulai dhatdina
Soch, sapana, bhawana mera tinta milne saathi hun
Ma chai tyo chautho tatwo cha sabai bhanda mathi jun
Buddha ko gyan bujhna khojne Nepali haru kam vaye
Buddha was born in Nepal ko ghamanda bokne chhan saya
Hajar lakh karod, hatar bhachha ho?
Bidesh ko dekhasikkhi le jhan andhakar badyo
Aba vanlas rap hanchas, bahira kai ta ho
Dekhdainas dai le yeha afnai paara le gareko
Baal chaina ke bikchha maalai baal ke cha trending
But I’m feeling like a god with the message that I’m sending
It’s simple, I’m an old soul no wrinkles
I goes deep, deeper than preeti zinta ko dimple
These rappers microsoft, throw ’em out the window
I’m barely gettin’ started this ain’t even a intro
Indoor, we know
I don’t really smoke it, ganja natanne rapper but my bars be the dopest
And I’m focused like a telescope is to show this light wherever necessary
UNIQ so legendary
Malai baal malai baal
Harek saal naya style
You like the old shit, but my new shit jhan babaal
I never knew much, I said I never knew much
But the fact that life’s a b*tch so I gotta get my revenue up
That b*tch like money, she like cars, she want chores, she don’t like hours
So we gotta take what you got and show that b*tch who the f*ck we are
Who the f*ck am I, a superstar?
No I’m a f*cking galaxy, better yet a universe into galactic majesty
Remember me till you die, yell my name in front of heaven if you wanna step inside
No I’m not the that you should try
Tero puji badi sochlai
Muji dalidiye bhai
Die with your dreams, nobody gonna cry
And I’m sorry motherf*cker if I’m f*cking up your vibe
Aye, if I’m f*cking up your vibe
Matter of fact, that’s exactly what I wanted to
I don’t give a f*ck how you feel what you gonna do?
Done with your bullshit Imma slam the door up
Tero sapana ma butta bhardai basna janmya hora?
I’m back on the mic, slaughter on the way
Heard another rapper got a daughter on the way
Good luck with your life, now get out of my way
Here’s some money for your wife, buy some diapers for today
I don’t vote none of y’all, don’t wanna approach none of y’all
Bunch of fakes all around, don’t wanna promote none of y’all
I got an album coming out, gone be cocky as f*ck
Working with the best in the game, Rohit Shakya and such
OMG, Blues bhai we up in this b*tch hoe, Hip-Hop is alive again
You didn’t know, Lil Buddha told me hop on the mic and so I did
Sabai sapana nai ho, that’s exactly how we live motherf*cker

[Lil Buddha]

Aye Aye, this is nothing new to us it’s easy
Kicking something super cool and breezy
They say that I’m a genius
And y’all rookies in the scene, Nepalese style rock a rupee and a dream
When I rap I got people shook like an earthquake erupted
Declare it to the world that I’m not to be f*cked with
How can this f*ck it?
Yo how could we top this?
Impossible let me try to come out on top on a drug test
I’m the hottest one to ever make it out of this fuckfest
Been a player, high with the himalayan freshness
You and I different, I’m another breed, I’m a another level mother let some other type of seed
I’m infected with the mental kind disease, got love
They listen close whenever I speak, ha ha
But I ain’t got no message brother I’m just doing me
I guess they like how I flow with ease, peace
First song
King of NEPHOP
YB Records



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