SACAR AKA Lil Buddha Satires UNIQ Poet

It is good to see so many rappers from Nepal are doing great for Nepali Hip Hop.

Recently, Sacar and Uniq Poet dueted for “King of Nephop” which became a massive hit. Also, Uniq Poet’s “Straight Outta Kathmandu” did a fantastic job to amaze audiences. Plus, other hip-hop artists like Chirag Sing Khadka AKA 5:55, Balen are playing the game well.

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Some weeks before Utsaha Uniq Joshi appeared in an interview that aired on YouTube where he said he doesn’t like the word “Nep-Hop”. He added it should be called Nepali Hip Hop and the word “Nep Hop” doesn’t sound well.

Dissing the words of Uniq, Sacar posted a photo on his official Facebook page today. Where he writes,

somebody said they dont like the word nephop well i wrote it in diamonds and gold fucka my new NEPHOP CHAIN!!!

Uniq Poet recently collaborated with Albatross Band for “Kaha Janchau” and is releasing his new music video “God Of Nephop” soon. Both his “Kaha Janchau” and “God of Nephop” are meant to be a tribute for late Yama Buddha.


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