Viral Bhaidyo Girl Sabrina Will Be Killing Dance Plus 4

Sabirina Gurung (Flow) Have you heard the name? Most of you might have. But don’t worry for those who don’t know she’s the girl starring in Sabeen Karki’s great musical hit Viral Bhaidiyo.
She has worked with Sabeen Karki in various dance videos.

Sabin Karki And Sabirina Gurung

Dance Plus’s new season started from yesterday  i.e October-6- 2018 on star plus. Earlier Wild Ripperz and Sushant Khatri represented Nepal in this reality show and claimed second and fourth position respectively.The best part for every Nepali dance lovers in this season is that this amazing girl will be participating in this huge dance reality show.

However to facilitate all the dance lovers from Nepal, Dance Plus 4 initiated a audition in Kathmandu this July, Where Sabirina Gurung with many contestant gave their try. Have a look at Sabrina’s picture with Shakti Mohan; one of the coach from the show. Looking this picture we can anticipate that she may be in Shakti Mohan’s team.

Sabirina Gurung With Dance Plus 4 Coach Shakti Mohan

The next amazing thing about Dance Plus 4 is that they featured our Sabirina Gurung in one of their Teaser. In the teaser all of the coaches gets so amazed to see her head spins and fantastic popping. She gets high round of applaud from all the coaches (Dharmesh Yelande, Shakti Mohan and Punit Pathak).

You can watch the Teaser From Below!


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